(Rechargeable) Extended Drone Batteries


Here is a money maker for you Ludia. Your scent capsules expanded my extended battery suggestion.

You can have 4 types of rechargeable and/or one-time-use extended drone batteries.

Regular (grey) extended batteries that give the user an extended 50 meters.
Mid Range (blue) extended batteries that give the user an extended 100 meters.
Long Range (yellow) extended batteries that give the user and extended 150 meters.
Super Charged (green) extended batteries that if you can see it, you can get it.

Recharging Batteries can be done in couple ways.
1, Walking/moving under the speed limit. (The point is to get people out walking and you want to make these achievable through regular playing to keep people challenged and interested.)
2. Instant recharge by spending green bucks. (The point is a way to make money off those who want it now.)

Regular (grey) batteries take 1 Km (0.62 mile) to recharge or 10 green bucks.
Mid Range (blue) batteries take 5 Km (3.1 miles) to recharge or 50 green bucks.
Long Range (yellow) batteries take 10 Km (6.2 Miles) to recharge or 100 green bucks.
Super Charged (green) batteries take 25 Km (15.5 miles) to recharge or 250 green bucks.

Allow all batteries to be recharging at the same time. This will be an added value to VIP members over free play in that VIP can get the extra distance to the same thing with regular batteries as free players.

Ludia should know there are people willing to fork over those green bucks to get those coveted epics on the spot when that battery ain’t fully charged. There have been so many good epics I’ve seen at work and could not leave to get. If only there were extended batteries for my drone. Even better if these give extended time darting when close with the obvious risk the creatures escape.

If you make these like the scent capsules where you just give one time use once a day regular ones and have to spend green bucks for the others, I’ll never purchase any because your going to charge ungodly outrageous green buck prices. You need these different by way of being rechargeable with added walking for recharge to be different.

Please consider this.


I love that idea @Oriondestiny


Great idea, Ludia you should seriously listen to this person. I’ve been a gamer for 30 years and don’t really spend money on phone games but this is a good idea that even I would spend a little on.