in battles I do not know which creatures I should use in a battle for an example:
on easter i used koolasuchus and suchotator to kill spinotaraptor
later i used the same team but lost to a edmontosaurus on the same day.
I have no idea which creatures to use. it would have a star on a recomended creature.

@koola888 I don’t know if others would agree with me on this but I naturally like to put at least one high health armored herbivore in my team than fill the remaining slots with hard hitting carnivores but this can vary depending on what types of dinosaurs i’m fighting. so like if I fight raptors I’ll fill my team with armored herbivores with decelerating, or when i’m fighting hard hitting carnivores i’ll use my fastest and strongest raptors and if i fight sauropods i use hard hitting carnivores. so basically use whichever dinosaur is strongest in the area that creature is the weakest.

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