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Recommendation to fix boosts

I know this won’t be implemented but!

The problem is wide unbalancing in the battles*

It doesn’t seem to me that anybody needs massive dinosaur upgrades, what they’d like is the viability to make non competitive Dino’s competitive?

  • so could u implement a system that only works on lower tier Dino’s?

For example: 1 boost - has 30parts to activate. Each part can be bought or found in wild (Rare) this boost adds 200 at - 200 health and 5 speed to any non hybrid Dino.

This would encourage me and make the game fun and fix the boost mechanic which makes no sense.

Unless it’s an idea that will make them more millions, forget it :slight_smile: But I agree, this would be better.
You could limit the amount of boost of a unique to tier 2, legendary tier 4, epic tier 6, rare tier 8 and common tier 10.

Or it’s just one single boost. That u can take off and move around. 8 boosts in total.

U don’t need huge stat. increases. 200 extra attack alone is enough to make you feel better.

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