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Recommendations on lineup

Hi all,

I have saved 200,000+ DNA so I want to start bulking my lineup out a bit so I can get closer to competing in Dominator and was hoping for some feedback and advice on my next steps please. Anything I should fuse together? Anything I should buy now or aim for?

You can ignore my Ichthyostega as I didn’t realise fusing to this would make it that powerful so I think I’ll create a Rajastega to level things out again.

I have another Diplosuchus to hatch as well adding to my amphibian gang.

Another question - I’m at the point in my story missions where I need a level 40 Pteranodon which I’m sure will send my ferocity out of whack if I fuse them so would you recommend I make it and sell it or level everything else up accordingly to match?

Thanks in advance!!

Anyway since you’re aiming for a Dominator lineup, you could get the Indominuses and Diplosuchuses to higher levels, anyway that’s gonna make your team for Dominator easier…

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A lvl 40 legendary isn’t going to disrupt your PvE really. The jump in ferocity isn’t really all that much and you have other dino’s that work just fine in that ferocity range.

Do you have any rare or super rare hybrids unlocked or available for unlock?

Rare hybrids are great bang for your buck and work good in tournaments at various lvls Carnoraptor is one of the best bang for your buck dino’s in the game.

You don’t have any meat shields or anything with high health to use as a lead off in tournaments other than your Tany and even then i prefer a little more health than that for a lead off in dom.

Just keep adding and leveling, there isn’t much you can do wrong at your point in the game


Can you make Ankylodocus at L20 will work for Dom (about 50% with an equal line up behind it).
Supranotitan is the same at L20, but you need an Herb more.

L30 rare hybrids works and some L20 super rare hybrids works.

While you have a fair amount of DNA, you don’t want to waste it either.

We sort of need to know what hybrids you can unlock to better help.


Thanks @Timmah and @Subxero11. In terms of rare and super rare hybrids, I only have Diplotator, Nundagosaurus and Stegaceratops unlocked. The only others I am close to making with what I have now is Tropeogopterus and Tapejalosaurus (but need 2 more Monolophosaurus as I don’t have it unlocked still).

So would you recommend I aim for Carnoraptor? I’m half way there with my Pyroraptor but I’d need to buy another 6 Carnotaurus. They’re not expensive so if you think it’s worth doing.

Would you also say it’s worth making a Rajastega as well now?

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That is tough.

I’d say start with 4x L20 Stegaceratops or 2x L21. (They aren’t as good at L20, but it is a start.) You’ll need these total 8 copies anyway for the super hybrid. After you try them out, you can decide if you want to make more.

I’d make I-Rexes over Rajastega as you can get Raj in PvP modded.

You’ll eventually need 8x I-Rexs for an Indoraptor anyway.

Personally, I had Diplotator unlocked before Nuda and made a bunch of those at L30. (Maybe Nuda as that one is a little better.)

So, I’m suggesting you make teams of Stegaceratops Diplotaor/Nunda I-Rex

These teams should win about 50% of the time in Dom.


Thanks for the solid advice @Timmah, I like that plan. I did consider getting more I Rex’s as well for the inevitable Indoraptor. I understand there’s an I Rex mission later down the line too so I want to be ready for that

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You’ll need to hatch a total of 3 I-Rexs for missions. If you search, you should be able to find my thread/screen shots telling you which missions. You can always hatch 5, saving the other 3 for the missions.

Thanks for that @Timmah , I’ll take a look. Another reason I need to bulk my lineup is for the later battle stages. Just attempted this one and there’s no chance of me winning with what I have now. :joy:

Battle stages are based on park level, not you Dinos. You may need to level up to win.

Level up my park or dinos?

Your dinos, the game is telling you that you should have creatures near ceratosaur ferocity by now, which is just above level 40 legendary.

Just build a few teams around the same ferocity as your level 40 pteranodon and you should be good to go :+1:

You can take indominus all the way to level 10 he wont imbalance your team at that level (he will have stats just lower than a level 40 t rex)

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Thanks for that, good to know! I’ve levelled up my I Rex to 10 now. Need to work on my herbivores for this battle stage I think, that would help a lot

Unaysaur to level 40, hes got short hatch time for a legendary, also work on stegoceratops too

After the feedback in here, I’ve been working on my lineup. I have a lvl 30 nundasaurus ready to fuse, another lvl 20 stegaceratops, another I Rex cooking now and a lvl 40 unaysaurus being fused. Other than that, this is my lineup now.

Any recommendations on what lvl to make my diplosuchus now the rest of my team has grown? Also any advice on good pterosaurs to aim for? I only really have my pteranodon as a hard hitter.

I am also starting to struggle a bit with my battle stages. I planned ahead a lot with the story missions so I’ve been gliding through them and still am. But my question is, am I cutting my nose off to spite my face here? Should I stay on the one I have now until I’m caught up with my park level?

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Nice you could get microposaur to level 40 hes fairly cheap and does well in dom at that level.

As for the diplos all mine were raised to 10 but I had far stronger creatures when I did this, you could experiment level 1 up and each time you raise 1 level check back at your lineup, that way you can see where he fits in your lineup at each level.

What’s your hatchery creature inventory looking like? Have you got any creatures you can max without spending dna?

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I did think about microposaur, I’ll get on him then.

My hatchery inventory is okay, I have a backlog of about 8 or 9 legendaries and a tournament Dino that I can’t catch up with right now but nothing to max unfortunately. I got some unaysaurs though which helped to getting him to level 40.

Any thoughts on what I should do about my battle stages and continuing to level up my park?


I wouldnt worry about the difficulty of the battle stages right now, (unless of course your in a rush to beat them to unlock zalmoxes) just work on deepening your lineup for now. Hatch those 8 or 9 legendaries also, I have a backlog of 145 creatures atm which is a pain to get through, if I would have started hatching everything the game gave me since day one (instead of focusing on other things) that backlog may have only been about 50 by now

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How much sarchosuchus s-dna do u have? I thought everyone would be able to get atleast 6 diplos since they were in s dna missions

I beat the battle stages to either 85 or 90 using dinos of T-Rex L40 or weaker. (Many “higher” or stronger ones, were just nerfed to less than L10.)

You jsut have to use the right ones.

@Wilson has a treasure trove of DNA. Focus first on making sure you can safely and easily finish in Dom every tournament.

Once you hit this marker, you have a lot of game freedom, as you won’t be missing out on unlocks.