Recommendations to fix Test of Might

I believe I have isolated the current problem with the Test of Might event: trophy gains and losses are being calculated based on the two player’s respective Battle mode trophy counts, rather than their Test of Might event trophy counts.

My recommendation is simple: base the trophy win/loss on the Test of Might event trophy count, rather than the Battle mode trophy count. As a corollary, display the Test of Might trophy count in the match instead of the Battle mode score.

I base this on the following lines of evidence:

  1. Trophy count gain/loss between players is zero-sum;
  2. Battle mode vs Test of Might players gain/lose trophies solely based on respective Battle mode trophy counts;
  3. Players are gaining Test of Might trophies much too fast, and are not losing trophies fast enough;
  4. Only Battle mode trophy counts are visible once a match has begun.

Basing Test of Might trophy count awards on the player’s battle mode trophy accounts for all the complaints that has arisen during the event:

  • Battle mode players matching against players with >200 point differential, along with 50/10 trophy count gain loss risks.
  • Test of Might players not seeing decreased difficulty with long losing streaks and repeatedly facing the same difficult players.
  • Test of Might players quickly increasing their event trophy counts until they can make no progress in the event, and all matches eventually becoming impossible to win.
  • Test of Might players reporting >1,000 event trophy point gain despite having a sub 50% win rate.

I suspect that what happened was that code was written to update matchmaking for the event, but once the match started the devs just recycled the code from battle mode. This would explain why only Battle mode trophy scores are displayed in Test of Might matches and why the known trophy adjustments are based on Battle mode trophy scores.

This suspected oversight has seriously compromised the integrity of the event, and has spilled over to negatively affect players engaged in Battle mode without participating in the Test of Might event.

Consequently, I think it would be appropriate to provide some form of compensation to all players who have been active during this event.

Tried these battle venues a few times now and haven’t won a single time. Even when up 4:1 I end up losing after an epic comeback. Total BS. Waste of time and gems. Same goes with PVP. I lose every other time or more. No climbing the ladder. If daily tasks didn’t call for them I’d stop playing them altogether

CompanionsOfDoom, your concern has been shared by a few other players. An assortment of ToM matchmaking concerns are posted in the following thread:


See my post here for an in depth review:

EDIT: Well this post now looks ridiculous after @Isabelle split and merged threads.