Recommendations to help my lineup

Hello I have created this thread to get some helpful recommendations for my lineup I have recently wanted to raise my ferocity roof to 7000++ just like @Nonthawath_777 has done recently and I need some help in doing so so I hope all you guys could help me out here’s my lineup


I would say you still need to work on the depth of your creatures before increasing your ferocity.

You currently have only 12 creatures above a level 20 vip whereas here:

If you increase your ferocity now without the depth of creatures you will struggle in completing all PvE especially when there is a tournament going on too just my honest opinion


Noooo, you shouldn’t have. Your lineup is very unbalanced now, your creatures lose 1k ferocity by the second page. And 1k more on the third. It will just make you have harder matches. You should focus on quantity over quality first


Also add some more amphibians @Ironman4life gopro, acantho, koola and ostapo will be nice additions to your lineup


Hey yes we’ll I didn’t unlock grypo because of wifi issues and I can’t unlock koolo because I don’t have a maxed sarcho and ostopasaurus is something I can get but don’t want right now because If I make him then I lose two really good creatures

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Understandable, you should have acantho unlocked as it is a battle stage unlock and in the meantime you could grind more modded for diplo.

Also adding more legendaries and tourneys will be helpful for you as a lot of your top creatures wont be able to help you in rarity rumble events

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Ahh yes ok I will hopefully be getting ostopasaurus by mid to late January and a maxed acanthostega by Christmas eve

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Good stuff :+1:

You got a nice healthy stash of dna but spend it wisely, I would say only spend that dna now on creatures that can take you into late game such as tourneys and legendary hybrids

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Yes that is exactly what I plan on doing with it

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I don’t really understand such type of questions/requests, really. You are currently browsing the forum with probably 20+ topics all covering lineup related questions. Each and every one are already pointing out the importance of having balanced lineups rather then having super-high ferocity of one (or couple) of dinos. And still: you are presenting your highly unbalanced lineup and asking for (probably) a miraculous solution rather then reading what’s already being said many many times…
Sorry if that sounds rude (it is not my intention to be) but it is a common decency to try browsing for already provided answers before asking the same question which was asked 50 times before…


analyzing your line up i see that now you need carnivores like indominus gen 2 and add amphibians at least level 40 tournament like proterogyrinus and hybrids of same ferocity… this is miraculous solution.

in short you need carnivores and amphibians with ferocity close to their super hybrids…
also add more pterosaurs and herbivores…

make at least 6,7 dinos of each class with similar ferocity :open_mouth:

my team is also unbalanced but i try to keep a large amount of useful minor dinos…