Reconnect fails everytime


Everytime I go from WLAN to 4G or opposite, I get the “Reconnect” pop-up. But what annoys me is that the “Reconnect” functionality never works. Not a single time. That makes me have to quit the game, login again, then wait for it to start.

Sometimes this even happen if I open the game after have minimized it to check some messages or similar.

I am using Android if that has something to say.

Please fix this annoying bug!


Hey Mikeey89, switching between connections while playing the game might cause an issue, take a look at our FAQ here:

Contact our support team at with your support key included in the email if you’re still having any issues.


Hi, my question/request was if you can fix so the reconnect functionality works so I won’t have to restart the app all the time?


Since switching between connections could cause a problem with the loading, you might have to wait a bit for your connection to the game to re-establish before tapping on “reconnect” will work. However, contact our support team if you think you’re still having an issue and they’ll be happy to assist you.


Hello, I know there are already many threads talking about it but I haven’t seen any of the staff members address the situation yet, is there a bug regarding the creation of the new hybrids or do we need to find them in the wild first?


Hey EwXt_117, thanks for writing in. Our team is aware that some of our dino hunters are not able to create specific hybrids and our team is looking into it. Take a look at the thread here for more information: No option to fuse new dinos?


Anyway you should make the “Reconnect” functionality to work. I am so tired of restarting the app and using so much data traffic and time.


These are two disconnect errors where the [Reconnect] button does not work at all.

Please forward this to your game programmers and have them look at this.

Please also ask your programmers this dumb question. “If the game knows it is disconnected, why does it not attempt to reconnect all by itself? Why do I, the user, have to hit a [Reconnect] button at all? Why?” This is one item that is ruining the game experience. I have another but in a separate bug report.

Please request a change to have the game attempt to reconnect by itself and say, for example “JWA has become disconnected and attempting to reconnect. 21428. If you are not reconnected shortly please reload JWA.” Then have a [Reload JWA] button that kills and reloads the game.

Here are two errors where the [Reconnect] button will never reconnect.


I get that almost every time if I minimize the game, or if I turn the screen off. Being so power hungry, It’s very annoying since I can’t have it on all the time between dino’s or pods, only to have it hang on me, then having to kill it, and then wait for it to load. Quite annoying, a few times (as at times I go off on a bike for 5-6 hours, with a couple of powerbanks and a spare battery, still, wow the power drain) it was practically unplayable as a result.


Yeah if the reconnect button doesn’t work, why even have it there? Why not force the app to restart instead or fix it so that switching between WLAN and 4g will not break the game every single time. For me personally this doesn’t actually have any consistency. If my phone ever turns off or goes to sleep it will almost always give me the disconnect error, sometimes the reconnect works, sometimes it doesn’t even though I’m still on wifi? Pokemon GO doesn’t have this issue so I’m hoping devs can figure this out, it is currently the worst part about the game…well maybe 2nd worst after getting stun locked by a stegoceratops for 5 turns in a row :stuck_out_tongue: