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Reconnecting during battle

Got disconnected during a fight… had to force close and restart… this part is normal.

Then i got back in the fight only to be forced to watch a replay of every turn of the fight that had happened before. By the time i had gotten up to the point of the dc i see three more turns had passed… now i may have missed fhe first of those three turns do to restarting the app… but the second two turns i surely could have interacted with had i not been forced to watch the match from the beginning.

If this is by design this is a godawful design… i could see and appreciate a system where we can watch replays and hope thats in the future. But lets save the replay watching until the match is actually over.

Hey Evicton, could you send your device information and support key over to our team at so they can take a closer look at this? Thanks!