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Recovering for Dominator

As of now,my line up is not well prepared for Dominator after what just happened, so here’s my plan for a fast recovery

I will start hatching Spinoraptors and some short hatching hybrids, this will give me more Dominator Dinos quicker, going to grind Modded PvP for any extra Diplosuchus DNa I can get, a level 1 will do me good. I have enough to purchase one of them. I am running out of Ideas, except for short hatchery time dinosaur nothing strikes me, could I have help?


This is what I would do for sure. Quite a few rare and super rare hybrids do well in dominator. I would leave I rex for later (long hatch time). For now: spinoraptor, carnoraptor, tapejalo, ankylodocus (or even stegoceratops for shorter hatch time), maybe nundagosaurus for amphibian.


your cousin needs to be taught a lesson to prevent this from happening again.


Please post your line up of available Jurassic hybrids in your market that can be purchased.


It looks like a good plan… But don’t forget that we always have other options :smiling_imp: lol


Segnosuchus would be a good start. I think he has that unlocked.


are alts not against tos?


I have an Infinite Battle for a Rare Pack waiting with really high ferocity creatures.

Problem is I have a couple of Proterogyrinus in my hatchery, I will wait till I can speed the hatchery stuff,with help from the harbour,with no coins for AFs I am keeping Hammonds in my Inventory.

I wish I had unlocked Carnoraptor, It has a far shorter hatching time than Spinoraptor and performs nearly as well. Spinoraptor will help long term for Spinotasuchus, I have no idea for now though.