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Recruit A Friend glitchy

No they said Under level 5 AND hadn’t played for 3 months. Not OR.
If they are under level 5 and have played in the last 3 months it won’t work.

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This is what I meant, thanks for correcting.

Hey DPG members, our FAQ here has some updated info on the Recruit A Friend feature:

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Thanks @Ned, I think that should explain all the problems people have been having. :+1:

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No… It does not give me an answer. Because my friend was eligible… She had never installed the game. She followed the link from me and did everything right… But it just didn’t register :woman_shrugging: I got an error in my inbox plus a friend request automatically sent from her newly created account to mine.

And how did you give the link to your friend exactly?

Explain step by step how you actually provided them the link.

I opened my game went to the recruit tab and clicked recruit and chose send via Facebook messenger.