Recruit a friend still not working

I sent an invite to my son for recruiting him as a friend. It’s not shown in “my recruits” and not in his account. App was downloaded first time ever with the link, so a completely new account, we tried to close and restart via Link, nothing. I dont see that I recruited him and we are not friends (what we should be if it works correctly).
Tried same with my other account and my other son - didnt work as well.

Hey Kaja, I’m sorry to hear that you were not able to recruit your son to the game using the Recruit a Friend feature. Our team is still making tweaks to improve this feature.

In the meantime, our support team has some steps listed that might help if you would like to try recruiting your son again:

Before sending another Recruit a Friend invitation, please ensure that:

  1. The mentee has uninstalled the game from their device. As a precaution, they should also clear the device’s cache files.

  2. A recruit/mentee MUST install the game using the link provided by the mentor/recruiter. By clicking on it, the new player will be taken to the app store of their device where they will need to install the game.

  3. The link cannot be copy-pasted at any point or else the feature will not work.

Thanks for the reply, but no, it still doesnt work. iOS.
And different to last year when I send the link there’s no Vacant-spot pre-filled on my recruit-list. Nothing happens at all

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Hi Kaja and @Ned

Same is happening with my account, all 3 slots stayed “vacant” while I get an error message “your recruit slots are now full, one of the Recruit tokens you sent to a friend has failed as a result”

And on the recipient phone: “you do not have a mentor because there was a problem with the recruit token you were sent”

When do the invisible tokens expire? And how do I know it’s safe to create a new token?

Invite was sent from an Android to iOS, perhaps I should borrow an Android phone to complete the inviting? Then log back into iOS?

Hey there, @Umai and @Kaja. If you’re already in contact with our support team, could I ask you to please follow up with our team with a screenshot of the “Vacant” RAF spots in your game, along with the error message?

Thank you!

Thank you for reply @Ned, I opened a new ticket, but I don’t see any “paperclip” button to attach the screenshots

I searched Help for the word “screenshot” and found this:

"Still have some questions? You can contact support through the in-game FAQ, through the Contact Us form on our web-based FAQ, or mail us at with the following information:

Your Support Key (available in the Settings menu or the loading screen)
The type of incubator that was opened (examples: Daily Free, 15 minute, 3 hour, 8 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour, Market Rare, or Market Epic)
The approximate date and time the incubator was purchased/rewarded (if possible please include your local timezone as well)
The approximate date and time the incubator was opened (if possible please include your local timezone as well)
If the incubator was purchased using real money, please attach a screenshot of the purchase receipt (must include the order ID, date, and listed items)"

Does this mean the only way to send a screenshot is email???

Their support team is using HelpShift via the in-app support. While you can’t add the screenshot in your initial contact, their support person can request one from you. So if you don’t want to use your email to contact support and prefer in-app support, you can ask that they request a screenshot so you can provide one.

In this case providing steps to reproduce the issue might be the best course.

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Still no reply from Support yet,

so I yesterday I deleted and reinstalled JWA, then created a new invite via the mail app, but haven’t sent the email, to see if one of the 3 RAF statuses change from Vacant to Pending, but it hasn’t, all 3 still vacant :eyes:

I think thats the issue, not even the accepting of the invite is broken, the creating of the invite is

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It takes a while to hear back from them Umai. A little patience for such a small team I am sure is needed. Also, this is just based on my experience don’t expect a quick return on this one. If it happens great, but given that this feature has not worked as intended since it’s introduction, it might be one of those low priority tasks.

With that said your want and persistence to help them fix this feature is much appreciated.

Oh wow, I didn’t know it was always broken, thx for the warning

I guess Im gonna give it another day and then give up and let the referral account go past level 5, after which I guess it will no longer qualify :frowning:

because it’s currently level 4, FIPs are level 5, tournaments level 8,

Hello @Umai
Thank you for contacting Support!
It may be possible that you haven’t received a response yet
as the team usually takes 5 business days to reply.

I finally found someone to recruit!

They installed the game via the link, the game added us as friends, and then… nothing. They found a message in their inbox that said the ‘Recruit token was invalid’ and now we don’t know what to do next as sending new invites doesn’t seem to work.

Hello Delta! If you haven’t already, please email our team at with your support key included. They’ll do the best they can to assist you.

I got a reply basically saying to wait for the fix,

I replied with a question if I can get the referal applied retroactively? right now the new account is still level 4 and cant see the sanctuary or tournaments, so I was wondering if I can I get some kind of a ticket number to get a referal activated later when it’s fixed?

(i posted a screenshot, but it was moderated, so i reposted the text without the screenshot)

I really hope they’ll be applied retroactively. My friend is already on level 6 or 7 now, but I can’t see him staying if this doesn’t work either, considering that he’s already complained about lag and loads of bugs (the ones which, you know, the community have been begging Ludia to fix for months/years).

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Recruit has leveled and still not appearing in the recruit section. Should the recruit sign in again?

Hey YankeeRanger. If them doing so or if restarting your game makes no difference, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at with your support key so they can look into it. Thanks!

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I tried sending a new invite, since I got in-game mail titled “Recruit a Friend Improvements”, dated April 6

and still got same error on both accounts,

“your Recruit slots are now full, one of the recruit tokens you sent to a friend failed as a result”

but all 3 slots say vacant,

I will email as soon as I have time, but I just wanted to ask here -

is anyone still having RAF issues after the April 6 changes?

So Basically I recruited my friend and it’s showing me this

While showing him this

Anybody know a fix?