Recruiting 4500+ trophy count players join “ALLIANCES”

Can I join? 4750 around trophies

Anyone else getting alliance full when trying to accept an invite. I was at work all day. Just installed update. Have 3 accounts I would like to get in the same alliance.

U can join mine if their full. Evolution 777

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i’m 100% in support of your alliance’s name, invictus.

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Used to be 4900 before I tanked to 3990 lol

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I think I wanna join yours just because we have the same birthday! :joy:

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Well come on over :blush: or I can add u by ur user name and #

Alliance full?

I sent request to join, please accept. Thanks

And are you using Line messenger etc?

What’s your gamer name?

Not yet, what’s your gamer name

flateef. I am in already. Thanks

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@CandyS919, did u request to join?

I was thinking that 919 was bc of the motorcycle

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Nope Sept 19th🎉

Is my gamer tag

I just applied, CreepyTheCreep. Hope you can have me :smiley:

Should i join so i would be #1 in ur alliance ? :joy::thinking:

What is your game tag?