Recruiting: all levels, daily players Devastating Dinos

Looking for new members off all levels at our alliance: Devastating Dinos

We are currently rebuilding, lapsed players have made space for some new recruits.

If you’re new and want to play daily request to join. Our alliance is friendly and helpful.
We’re looking for people who want to join, participate and contribute to daily tasks etc.

You don’t need to be experienced or of a high level to join.

Find us in the game or message me here your player name and number here.

Over the last 2 weeks since the leadership got passed to me, we’ve recruited about 25 players into the alliance.
Space was made by kicking out the lapsed players. The alliance is now very active.

We have room for a couple more players if anyone is interested?

My Wife and I are Just looking for an new active alliance. Have you got 2 Spots left?
We are both at Level 11 and very active.

Currently only have 2 spaces but anyone interested, message me or search for us in game.

We have made a couple of spaces and are looking at new recruits again?

Daily players, contribute that’s about it, no heavy rules.

Could i join? Im level 8 kinda active and do donate when possible

Sorry, filled the spaces.

When a player becomes inactive a space will open up.

Some places are available

Daily players, donate where possible and complete your daily missions.

No mandatory forums to join or strict rules :slight_smile:

We have spaces available.

Find us in the game if you want to join :cowboy_hat_face: