Recruiting alliance members

I just started an alliance but nobody joins?? How can I get people to start joining?

Well there’s probably several strategies for it.
Myself, wouldn’t start an Alliance on my own unless I feel I find time or really want it, and I would also probably first ask around and team up with another person for together building up an Alliance.
Then I would choose how I want my Alliance, high levels only or just casual. Myself would choose casual and people who able to try login daily and have goal to finish their daily missions at least.
Then I would also decide a community platform, which myself would choose Discord, where I would put in RSS bot for feeding the free in-game cash reward links etc, and other useful stuff. Perhaps I would make some weekly challange and other game-fun ideas in the Discord.
Among that, what kind of rules, I would try keep the rules short and perhaps aim for level 20 sancs to build, and have a partner alliance to help build sancs together.
Probably lots other things to do, maybe find some unique ideas you see no other Alliance is doing.

Last thing I would say, you need to post/promote it somewhere. As example in this forum. You write you created an Alliance here, but you haven’t written out the name, goal, how it suppose to work with communication within the Alliance (if only in-game chat or dedicated chat?) and much more, what requirement is to join, rules and goals. Perhaps make some video or image with information or something that could catch interest.
As well there’s a JWA Discord server where people recruit where you could post your ad to let people join.

What have you tried with so far and what’s your goal?

Thanks for all that info. I just jumped in blind cause my former alliance i was member of for 1+ years literally fell apart overnight. So all I have done is goto my friends/recently played list and started sending invites, quickly realized that wasn’t really going to work to well cause I could only invite players not in an alliance. As for my goals, for now just a casual alliance moderately active players… to start. I just want to get the size of it 30+ before I take it to another level. It’s super hard to get people in when only have 3current members. Like myself I would be very reluctant to join such a small group. I am a daily player like I do everything I can everyday and then some i.e. battle even tho incubator slots are full, or just login to get whatever supplies around. Thanks again.

KTavengers is name of alliance in case anyone intrested.

You will get blind recruits joining, it just takes awhile. Check your “My alliance” tab, click on the tab with your alliance name, and you should eventually see people that are asking to join.

Each alliance gets priority once in awhile, when someone wants to join from the game, and yours will eventually show on top for them.

I get 2-3 per week or more blind recruits.

Other than that, post on discord channels that are JWA related, the alliance forum here, facebook pages that are JWA related…