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Recruiting: BadRexi 10/9 alliance

We are looking for 2 daily active players with over 2000 trophies. 10 tournament takedowns is MANDATORY. If your interested message here or send friend request on JWA to SneakyOrc18#5393.

please do not request to join if you have less than 2000 trophies or if you are not going to do the takedowns

I’ll see you in about 10 days if you have an opening. Currently 4200 trophies + and I luv the mandatory rules.

You sure you don’t want to join this one? You will still get the ardentismaxima dna with us. We bank on getting to 500k points which would be 400 dna

This is our alliance if you decide to join

Dude, I’m IN!

I thought that you had to stay the duration in order to receive the rewards. Let me know when and I’ll send that request ASAP. Sorry, I don’t receive notifications, but I’ll check for your reply each hour from now.

I’m going to friend request you.

Gamer tag: H3RO

If it’s accepted, I’ll jump on board and then follow through with discord.

I dont get notifications either. We just filled that open spot. But we have remove at least 2 people every week for not doing the takedowns. We are also having 2 people leave after the ardentismaxima tournament is over. So let’s keep in touch.