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Recruiting for 5/5

Hello, my team has put together a strong alliance for almost 3 months now.

We have often hit 5/5 and we are on track to hit it again.

We are planning to free up a spot for another member.

Therefore we are specifically looking for a member who LOVES battling, exploration is very easy

We also cooperate with other alliances (who are also amazing!) which help to reach level 20 sanctuaries.

Please reach out if you’re interested in joining our team, we are excited to bring in some passionate Dino lovers like ourselves :blush::cookie:


Hey there, lvl 14 here. Came back to the game after 2 yrs. Looking for an active alliance, I’m under almightypepe 98. Active at least 2x a day. Love to battle

Sorry guys, but we are full now.

Am lvl 20 and 5100 trophées, actif am interest on ur alliance

It’s 200 to 5000 trophies