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Recruiting for all levels of our clan currently on 9,5 and 7 star alphas

We are looking to add a few players to our ranks!
Rhaegals is currently looking for 2 people one spot is open right now so feel free to hop in if you meet the requirements :slight_smile:
Viserions is still starting out with 11 members currently they have not been beaten by an alpha yet and continue to climb.
Drogons is currently full but will make room for the right person.

We are still looking Rhaegals will take SLIGHTLY below 4K if your active

We are still looking for a few more.
Rhaegals is on 7 stars
Viserions is on 6 and climbing
Drogons is on 9 stars

Still looking for people for viserions and rhaegals as some people are ready to move up from rhaegals. We will also open a spot in Drogons for the right person.

Looking for 1 to join Drogons and a few for viserions now :slight_smile: