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Recruiting for an alliance that I’m sure we all can agree with


JP3 is the best one

Well, you don’t necessarily have to agree, it’s not a prerequisite :smirk:



Still recruiting now up to 44/50 members, recently had a clean out so an active alliance.

Looking for active players, not fussed about trophies as long as they are active and contribute


A couple of spaces left, but need to remove a couple of inactive players so will have around 5-6 spaces in total


Sent request. Level 18, 4100 trophies, plays daily


Jurassic Park 3 was the best one? Na, JP3 can’t beat the first two tbh lol


Hi accepted your request

JP3 is not a good film (apart from the Alan bit) was started as a joke to trade between friends but then I started getting loads of requests. Kept the name but has become an active alliance, not changing it now :sweat_smile:


We currently have 6 spaces for anyone looking to join an active alliance. Send a PM or request and I will add you