Recruiting for Great Southern Land

Recruitment Status: OPEN!
Slots: 28/50 (22 positions open)

NOTE: If you would still like to apply to join I will get you in if any members leave or are inactive!

Well after a lot of time away I’m back to the game I love! Any who wish to join me feel free to send an alliance join request to: Great Southern Land, an Australian based English speaking alliance!

Join Requirements:

  1. Minimum level to join is 10+
  2. Be able to speak English to at least some extent so we can all communicate with each other.

And that’s it!

Rules are as follows:

  1. No bias towards anyone or group. This includes racism, ageism, sexism and any other ism that could be considered a problem.
  2. Drama causes won’t be tolerated also, this is a game and we all want to get to know each other well and have fun and meaningful encounters.
  3. Cheating or exploiting known or unknown bugs is also totally forbidden! Those caught will be instantly removed from the alliance! No warnings!

Well that’s all there is ladies and gents, so come one, come all and help us build a great home together!

Yo there should be a global “join my alliance” thread.


May I know how many members do you have right now in your alliance ?

The alliance has just been formed so no members yet, I’m looking to build from scratch and get a great bunch of people together to have fun.

Rome wasn’t built in a day but 1member will turn to two then three and eventually 50.

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Nice to see you are back! I wish you luck!


Thanks heh, I missed the game so came back lol.

Now just have to build up Great Southern Land and make it great :+1:

Still no members yet but I’m sure that will change soon enough! Just gotta find some like minded people who wish to help build an alliance from the ground up.

Sure most people are going to want an established alliance so they can get DNA easier, but I’m sure there are some out there who would love the opportunity to help build a great alliance from scratch, then in the future we can all look back and see how far we have come!

Take my old alliance for instance, The Land Down Under, great bunch of players, friendly, generous and loyal. Not to mention the great leadership under Scubasteve!
I remember when it too like Great Southern Land was brand new, and now it’s one of the best alliances around!

I hope we can make Great Southern Land as good!

So ladies and gents if you want to join a brand new alliance and help build it up from the start, then we would love to have you!


As recruitment has been slow, only a couple have joined so far, I’m waivering the level 10 minimum join requirements for now…anyone is welcome to join!

Well we have 5 members now so we are slowly starting to fill, would love to get some more of you great players out there to join our little community!

As always any player is welcome to join, no matter your level!

Come and be part of something new, it will feel great to build up this alliance into something special!

Application sent in, my partner and I are new to the game but keen for an active alliance

No worries I’ve accepted both applications.

New players are most certainly welcome, I am known for liking to help people in this game :muscle:

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Still looking for more members, up to 7 or 8 now (forgot to check lol).

Edit: Okay I just checked, it’s 8 not 7!

Also added one more rule, cheating or exploiting will result in instant dismissal, no warnings!

Got another couple of members today taking us up to 10!

Would love to get a few of you max level hardcore or moderate players to join up, should make missions much easier for the alliance!

Just sent an application, been away from the game for a while but keen to get back in!

Maybe another alliance would consider merging?

Accepted your request to join!


Hmm things like that in other games tend to cause some drama, because the two groups normally see the other as outsiders to their original “clan”, not always of course but ive seen it tear guilds apart in WoW!

And another thing, who is leader? Each current leader isn’t going to wish to go from being Leader of their alliance, to being a regular member under the leader of the other alliance, as there is no Co-Leader or officer/admin roles available in JWA!

Oh btw we are now up to 13 members! Got three new recruits today alone! Starting to get busy now haha!

Would love to get some fellow level 20 players signing up, we would love to have you in the team!

Our alliance merged long ago with a great group. I wasn’t adamant about being leader, but it turned out that way. If you were to find a smaller alliance it would just need to be understood that you wouldn’t step down. There have been two very small alliances that disbanded and joined us along the way too. Glad to hear you are growing and for those level 20 players out there needing a good home you would be happy with this gang and get to be play a role in building a solid group.

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Glad to hear the merging worked out well for your alliance!

Just a quick update, we got another couple of members today, so we are now at 15 members!

If any smaller (if its possible lol) alliances struggling to get members wish to merge with Great Southern Land under my leadership, feel free to do so, we would be happy to have you with us! Our 15 members plus however many you have would make for a solid amount of memberships!

We are very close to getting to Rank 3 in Exploration, just need some more darting! But im sure with even more members, Rank 4 would be doable!

So come be a part of this little community of ours and help add to the “Great” in Great Southern Land!

Got another four new recruits today, and we made it to rank 3 of Exploration alliance mission!

Also while the name Great Southern Land suggests Aussie only, we happily accept players from all around the globe!
Now while being able to speak English, or at least some will benefit you within our alliance in order to communicate with fellow members, if you are non-English speaking you may still join! However given that you cant read this message, I probably shouldn’t have typed it LOL

Im happy to announce that Great Southern Land now has 31 members and increasing ever day, so come be apart of something new and help us build this little community together!
Because it won’t be long till we are member capped and have to turn away recruits!

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