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Recruiting for Great Southern Land

you ever use a boomerang?

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Yeah at school when I was a kid, it actually hit some other poor kid in the play ground, but I didnt get in trouble because we were having an Aboriginal event sort of day where we were allowed to hold and use some of the tribal weapons and such, was a fun day.

Though the kid that copped a Boomerang to the back probably wouldn’t agree lol

Edit: Also at 32 members.

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ever get boxed by a kangaroo? sorry for the weird questions lol. really wanted to ask if you ever hit a wallaby with a boomerang.

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Lol thankfully no, but those things (the males) can be savage!

You know the big males when they stand on their back legs can be 6"10 tall and weigh 91 kilo’s (over 200 lbs)! And I seen a video a number of years ago where a guy got kicked in the leg by one, and it made a massive gash in his leg, which ripped through his jeans! And denim is tough material, so just goes to show how dangerous they can be if a single kick can tear through the pants like they weren’t even there!

Edit: But really its the Killer Koala’s you gotta watch hahah!

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hahaha thats hilarious!! teddy bears jumping off the trees and going straight for the intestines lol. the blood squirting whole the credits are rolling… thats classic

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Lol, there is actually another video somewhere but I cant find it, where a Steve Irwin kinda guy is in the bush with some others, and he yells “Look out, its a killuh koala” and these Koala’s with red glowing eyes come flying at them and attacking haha, its hilarious but I cant find the vid.

Was many years ago!

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We are now up to 44 members! Only ten player slots left open, so if you wish to join sign up fast.

Memberships will be accepted in a first in, first served way!

Thank everyone, the alliance full as of early today! I forgot to update the post sorry as ive been busy hunting!

However if you do still wish to join, feel free to send a join request and if I find any inactive members, I will get you in.

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Just letting everyone know that recruiting into Great Southern Land is once again open! We just had a massive purge of 23 inactive members so have heaps of room to take you in!

Please note that due to the sheer amount of join requests we get each day, we are now only taking players level 10 or higher, and you must be active! If you only play one day a week GSL isn’t the place for you!

Thanks for your time!