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Recruiting for JWA Paleontology!

Recruiting for Jurassic World Alive Paleontology!

Hello There! Are you looking for an active, friendly clan with great members will to help in raids? Then come join us in Jurassic World Alive Paleontology!

We can usually raid all raids unique and below, with most of the day being available for us to raid. We have a very active discord that loves to help people out! We are starting to get level 8-10 on the alliance missions, and are going to hit level 7, possibly 8 in the tournament!

The requirements are:

  1. Don’t be toxic.
  2. Try to do the 10 takedowns in the tournaments.
  3. After the trophies reset, battle once so that we know you are active.
  4. Discord isn’t required, but extremely helpful!

If you want to join, PM me either in the forums or in Discord. I am Cheeseking 7496 #5104 or the leader, Minmi #4136. There we can discuss more about JWA Paleontology. Come join us!

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