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Recruiting for The Herbivores!

Recruiting for The Herbivores!

We are a international Alliance. Everyone loves Dinos.

Main Goal: Assisting others with their Dino DNA collections.

We have no trophy requirements, we welcome all levels of players.

Hope you take a moment to look us up,

Good hunting!

-Vexec, Alliance Founder

I bet that when ppl join, all they will do is request dna, not donate dna, and not even talk… that’s what happened with mine!


Thankfully our players have been donating to other’s DNA requests just as often as they have been requesting their own :smiley:

While we currently can’t track who donates, I am constantly seeing others give besides myself. Its been good so far!

I think it also helps that currently, only Common and Rare DNA can be donated to Alliance members.

-Vexec, Alliance Founder

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Actually, in the game coding, we found that they might add epic trades!

May i join? Ive sent a request