Recruiting for "The Land Down Under"


“The Land Down Under” is a rapidly filling Australian based alliance looking for more members! We have 50 members so far and slots are limited and filling fast!

We may be based in Australia but we do have members from around the globe, so feel free to join up today while we are open!

NOTE: Alliance is English speaking!

Open Slots:
0 left (50/50)

Just updated this post to have the most recent amount of open slots for our alliance!

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We have shot up to 28 members now, so down to 22 slots left.

Come one, come all! Reserve your place in The Land Down Under today!

We don’t currently have a minimum trophy requirement to join, so new players are totally welcome!

However as we get close to filling up we may have to put requirement, however this isn’t set in stone yet so feel free to apply if you wish!

We have an active player base with many dna trades taking place at any one time.

Currently at 29/50 members with 21 slots left!

sent you a request! :slight_smile:

Struth you’d have to be madder than a dingo at dinner to miss out on a opportunity like this.

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Well guys and gals we are now officially at 41/50 members! And given the speed of recruitment we will be all filled up by this time tomorrow!

So feel free to hit us up! Great group of players and fairly active in the chat room!

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Hubby and I were thinking of creating a new one, but would be happy to join yours. Hopefully you don’t fill up in the next few hours.


Well we still have 9 slots left, im about to go to bed so won’t be able to accept new applicants till about 7-8 hours from now (unless someone joins in the next 15mins or so as im going to bed soon).

Would be glad to have you both aboard!

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It will be mike and kodiak hunter, we will send the requests :slightly_smiling_face:

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KK post on here and let me know once they are in so I can open the game and accept you both :slight_smile:

Will do! 1010

Ladies and gents recruitment for The Land Down Under is now closed as we are all full up now.

I would just like to apologise to those who put in a request but we fill3 fast.
Woke up to see 15 join requests so I went with those at the top of the queue so it was based on first in first served.

If we have any members drop I will be sure to let the forum know in this thread, however those in the queue already will get priority, as that seems most fair!

Thanks again everyone for supporting us and helping us grow so large so fast!

Hey :slightly_smiling_face: I thought the hubby put his request in but didn’t. He wants to be in the same alliance so I had to leave yours. Look forward to future discussions here and thanks for the opportunity.

Maybe we can let you know when two spots open up and you can both come back. We like you lot :slight_smile:


Yeah I tried to look for you both but only seen you in the queue so I added you, but then it filled up!

When I seen the Alliance go from 50 down to 49 I thought straight away “I bet that was Kodiak coz I couldn’t get her partner in”, then I checked the members list and seen you were gone lol, I was like “Yep I knew it” haha!

All good! Will you be joining another alliance or starting your own like you were thinking about?
Then the big question…who gets to be the Founder LOL! If its not you I bet someone will be sleeping on the couch tonight hahah! j/k!

He took it upon himself to start one and I tried promoting it here with no luck at all. Last night was kinda funny, he wanted DNA and I gave him 30ish before it showed that’s the max for the day. I asked him how great is this and explained this is why members are important lol. I definately didn’t want to leave yours that’s for sure.

Don’t worry yours will fill up in time, took us 3 days to fill up. But I did have an added boost because ours was one of the few Alliance created at the time so there wasn’t much choice, plus aussies flocked to it die to the name, and some new me via my video series…which helped, though I didn’t manage to snag @Hersh or @TyrannosaurusLex or some of the other well known players. But I loved all my Alliance members no matter who they are :hugs:


I wanted to edit the name “thegreatlakers” it should be three words and doesn’t make it that obvious that it’s upper midwest US.

Aren’t you able to edit the name? Think there is a button to edit Alliance info…or are you just saying you wanted it to be less like it’s for USA only?

I was originally going to call ours Team Australia but then non aussies wouldn’t join.

I just hope they add more members slots soon, I had to turn away so many ppl and felt bad coz many were new players who need help…and you know me and helping ppl :hugs: