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Recruiting : Goose Gang2

We’re looking for new recruits for a growing alliance. Working together with the vigilant Goose Gang, we would love to see our fidelity grow.

Joining Goose Gang2 will have the following benefits :

  • Tier 7/7 minimum on weekly, higher if possible.
  • Looking to make Tier 8 on Championship this month.
  • Great sanctuaries coming.
  • Helpful and friendly community.

Your eligibility?

  • Enjoy and work hard in JWA.
  • Tournament takedowns are to be done, mandatory.
  • Contribute as much as you can.
  • Must use Discord. This is necessary for better communication.

We need dedicated players looking for an alliance to step up their game and ready to help each other.

Contact one of us on Discord if interested :

  • @MINMI : MINMI#1112
  • @Cheeseeater : Cheeseking 7499#5104
  • Myself : Fyurius#3620
  • Captain L#6459
  • Error#0108
  • Darklight#6681

Thank you!


I’m rooting for you guys :grin:
All the best!


I would like to apply to Goose Gang 2 but I do not have a high enough trophy count to participate in tournys. But I should be able to gain the 1,500 trophies in about a month

Unfortunately you need 2000 trophies to be able to participate in Tournaments…

My brother only has 900 trophies and he can do tournaments

You may DM Error#0108.

No I’m already in the alliance

No, I mean if your brother wants to enroll he could talk to one of them :

Oh he hasn’t reached the requirements

hello can I join the alliance my name in the game is Terriblelizard#7889🐍

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I also use discord and meet all of the requirements

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I already am in a great alliance, but I just want to wish all of you in the alliance the best of luck! You all seem like good people.


Thank you @Random!
@Terriblelizard you may contact one of the mentioned people. :+1:t3:

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Hi… Can I join your discord? I want more raid buddies since the only problem with my alliance is that they don’t respond to raids.

Happy Birthday @Alloraptor!

@MINMI would send the invite… :+1:t4:

Does he/she want my discord info or will he/she post it on this thread?

Not sure, once he’s online he will let you know.

Happy Birthday @Alloraptor :partying_face: :partying_face: You are absolutely welcome to join the discord server! Here is the link to the server:


Is it ok if I join you but don’t join discord?

I don’t think so. Players like us especially the lower level ones require Discord as a must for communication. I believe Minmi has adequately explained this earlier.

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