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Recruiting! High level players with good dinos!


We are currently recruiting players for The Jurassic Foundation.

We have maybe 7 spots open give or take.

Requirements are in the image as you can see.

We are a friendly bunch that like JWA a lot. We play to have fun, to get new dinos etc.

As the image states, we get level 8 def and level 10 exploration missions every time. As well as minimum of tier 8 alliance championship reward, which could easily be pushed to tier 9 with team efforts.

We use the app ‘Discord’ to communicate with one another. On the discord we have loads of different chats that each have a different purpose. Some of the chats are for example: raid groups (apex, unique, legendary, epic, (and rare)). The raid chats also come with raid strategies for each raid boss which are very helpful.

We also have a chat where we post all the JWA cash links (free for everyone!) that different youtubers or the JWA twitter gives out. The discord is a safe space where you can vent about your problems or thoughts, whether they are related to real-life or to JWA, we’re all very kind, understanding, and fun!

We’re not the best alliance there is of course (but quite good actually). We all have a common goal and a very team-oriented spirit, which makes the game 100% more enjoyable, when you can share your experiences with others.

We also use sanctuary strategies to get the most out of them and the most DNA possible. But more on that is talked about on discord.

We would love for new members to reach out and join the team!

Contact SlickSteve75#8813 (co-leader) or SirMichaelSlay#9254 (leader) on discord to get an invitation to the discord and alliance! Refer to me, WakaSama when you chat with any of them.

Let me know if you have any questions or anything like that!