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RECRUITING LAST MEMBER: Boomstick Mafia | High Level Alpha Boss Completion | 5,000+ BP |


I can free up two slots for you. What are your player names so I know the right people have joined?


Slots are open right now.


One spot currently open right now. Looking for high level active player.


4k9 BP active member. Do you still have a slot for me? Kevin #5449. Thanks


Kevin, I can make room for you. Are you still looking?


Still have space? 5000bp active player


Yep. I’ll clear a spot. Please join us.


Thank you, just jointed


I’d like to join when you have roster space.


I freed up a spot for you. Please search for our clan or I can invite you


I’d like to join if there’s still room. Jamo956#2075. 4805 BP. Appreciate it!


5,4K here if there’s a spot. Joseto #1038 :slight_smile:


Anymore slots currently ? Bp5050


We currently have one spot available. Looking for someone 5,000+