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Recruiting new members - MeenasVillage

MeenasVillage is recruiting new members. We only have 7 right now, but we work hard to make it to tier 2/3 each week. Looking for active players of any level and experience. Only requirement is to be active. Come join the fun!

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Hi, would you be interested in joining our alliance, Dinomite Fight Club, instead? We are a 5/4 alliance looking for members to help us stay 5/4 and we could have room for all of you. We ask that you shoot your 140 darts and do at least 10 battles per day. Dbis are especially important mon thru wed. Communication is needed in discord or alliance chat as we work with donations and themed sanctuaries. More info in our recruitment thread.

Hi, you are welcome to join JWA Fever. We are a 5/4 alliance looking for active players like yourselves. Darting and battling daily are the main requirements. We have discord but it’s not compulsory. Some days, dna requests and donations are coordinated.

Hi, I’m a leader of the clan MonterreyMx
how can I know who participates in my alliance because we have full but we do not pass from level 3, I only occupy active people I want to get rid of those who do not contribute

if there are active members who wish to enter they are welcome

You are welcome to join us at TerrorLizards. We have no discord requirement. Only real requirement is that you are active! Getting Daily Battle Incubators would also be helpful. Check us out!

I added you as a friend in game. If you are interested in joining and bringing over your active just message me