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Recruiting new player?

I’ve been playing for just about a week now, and I think it’s time to look for a guild. I’m an active player, and I want to be a frequent donator to a community, but I think it’d be a shame to wait til I’m a higher level.

I know it’s a gamble taking on a newbie, you never know if they’ll stay active etc, but if any guild has an open spot please let me know!

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Big Guilds only recruit above 2k trophies. So what I did is picked a guild in the recommended ones by the game.

Just for perspective @Vattic, I get about 20ish join requests a day from newer players for my guild, the Raiders of Ravenloft. So don’t feel discouraged if the first couple of guilds don’t accept you. And you’re right, it’s hard to tell whether someone will be active. I’m not super strict on the 2k trophies, but in the absence of other information it’s a rough indication of interest and activity from a player. Given the guild composition and members’ desire to be strong, I’m sort of forced to restrict membership to higher level players.

I’d suggest finding a guild with some activity, but a number of open slots and grow your heros first. If the leader has an active gift count or shows up on the overall leaderboard, then you at least know he or she is still playing and so will respond to join requests. As leader, you sort of have to respond, otherwise your guild page is completely taken up by join requests and you can’t see anything else in chat:)

If you like your initial guild, great. If not, once you’ve grown you can move to a different guild. It honestly doesn’t take all that long to hit 2,000 trophies if you like the game and play a lot. If you’re more casual, than it’s a longer road to grow your heros.

Hope that helps and that you find a guild to your liking.

Thanks for the replies; I was getting a little discouraged as I hadn’t had any acceptances from any size guilds over the last 3/4 days. A smaller guild accepted me just after making this post, funnily enough.

As you said, @CPXZ, time to work my way up now!

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Glad to hear that you found a guild! Hope you have lots of fun with your new guild mates.

I sort of guess it could get discouraging from a newer player perspective. I was lucky enough to have been playing a couple of weeks before guilds started, so it was easier to get into a guild at that time. With dead accounts, including dead guild leaders, and many established guilds full or near full, I can see how it can be discouraging to a newer player.

But newer players should be encouraged that it’s not them, it’s the mechanics of the game that’s driving this. And many of those established guilds are full of dead or low activity accounts that an active guild leader would want to replace if they found a likely candidate. I myself have been working for over a month to refresh RoR once I took over from a departing guild leader who was no longer interested in the game. So there’s plenty of room once you do grow if you continue to like the game, but find the guild you are in no longer fits.

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