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Recruitment drive for a very relaxed group

Hi, Our group “Diggies club” is looking for new members who just want to play the game. We have no rules other than, be polite and respectful to other members and play the game. If you are new to the game or a seasoned player stuck in a going nowhere group, come join us. They say there is safety in numbers lol :laughing: We don’t mind if you prefer one aspect of the game to another. We won’t bully you into, you must complete x number of battles per week to stay in the group. We are a very relaxed friendly bunch. I have recently culled our non players who were inactive for a month so we have a few spaces. Come join us in the quite life. We look forward ti accepting you. Search Diggies club.

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Welcome to the new players that have joined us. We are still recruiting, so fee free to pop along and join us. :wink:

May I ask what you score on Alliance missions :grin:

You may ask of course. We are down on members (hence the recruitment) so we used to do a lot better, but we still hit 4/5 in the alliance incubators. The more new members we can get will obviously improve this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alright nice. I am suggesting your alliance for a friend because he doesn’t play super often, so I reject him from my alliance lol. But I think he would work well in your alliance :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lol :laughing: I look forward to welcoming your friend, and thank you for letting them know about us.

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Oh one more thing. Does your alliance have a discord server? He is just wondering

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No, we don’t use discord at the moment. We are very chilled :sunglasses:

Ok, good to know :smiley:

We are still recruiting, we have got our numbers up to half full, so we still have plenty of space. Come join the fun in our relaxed group. All welcome :pray:

We still have spaces in our group. There are a lot of alliance’s out there with 4 or 5 people in them. Why not bring your whole team if this is you. We have got ourselves up to half full. We will accept anyone who is playing the game. Come join the fun. Search diggies club

We had a good uptake last week. Our group is getting back on track. We are still welcoming new members :blush:. New players and seasoned players very welcome. Just search “Diggies club” and wait to be accepted. We are up to 36 members come join us while we have room. :wink:

Is your alliance kid-friendly? Do your members enjoy raids? I’m looking for a good fit for my son who does not necessarily play every day, complete his daily missions, or tournament takedowns. But he enjoys the game and raiding.

Hi sorry for the late reply, I’ve only just seen your msg. Yes, kid friendly, he would be very welcome. There are a few who like doing the raids. If he doesn’t like us, he can always leave lol. We don’t bite, really. Our only rule is, be a player. One month inactivity = kick, other than that, he can do his own thing at his own pace.

Thanks - my son has sent a request to join – DinoCatcher.

Your son is now a member. :slightly_smiling_face: I hope he has fun :slightly_smiling_face:

Diggies club is still accepting new members who want a quiet life. 1 rule, inactivity for 1 month = kick. We have 36 playing members, 22 of them are over 1000 points. Most members play daily. Come join us :smiley:

Just a reminder that we are still accepting new members. The club is back on track. We have one rule, inactivity for 1 month = kick. That’s it, we are very laid back. Come join us while you can, search “Diggies club”. All welcome :wink: