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Recruitment for my alliance Cool Squad


Just started the alliance recently, we need more members to help complete our challenges and will happily share DNA


You had me at Cool Squad :sunglasses:


It would be great to have you! I couldn’t think of name at the time but it works for me!


Sorry, but I’m already spoken for. I do genuinely like the name though and wish you the best luck in recruiting active players for your new alliance.


Ok, thanks. Hopefully we get some more people to help!


Give it time. Good help can be hard to find. If you truly love someone, never, ever let them go.


I hope that your alliance goes well!
I’m running an alliance myself, called ‘TheLegends’!
Hope you do well!


Hope your alliance is doing well, I guess we’ll see if I get anybody to help out with mine


Dude, don’t plug your alliance on new guys recruitment thread. Manners. Smh.

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Just trying to wish him luck. Trying to connect captain to captain. I almost put, “-captain to captain.”