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Recruitment "TugaDragons"

I’ve been playing for a few months now and wanted to create a clan that’s competitive but still has a very friendly community. Although if you are a little under 3500 exceptions will be made if you are a very active player. Have some rules set in place (Don’t worry! Nothing too serious.) to keep this fair yet enjoyable for everyone. Will continue to modify these rules.

If there comes a time where you will be inactive for more than three consecutive days, please let the clan know ahead of time. Sometimes things come up. Everyone has obligations outside of the game! Please shoot us a quick message to tell us what’s up and how long you’ll be gone and when we could expect you back. This is in place to ensure this remains a serious group, all members are being respected, and each of us pulls our weight.
A key part of this clan is that we are here to support each other and be our very best. Meaning, constructive criticism and feedback for one another will be a very important part of what goes on here. Giving honest opinions about strategy, teams, suggestions etc are all welcome. However, anything outrightly mean spirited or discriminatory will NOT be tolerated! Not going to be nitpicky about curse words, just asking that everyone use their common sense and be respectful.
That’s about all for now! Work hard play hard guys! Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. If you’d like to join, leave your ID and BP in your reply so you can be added ASAP. Looking forward to connecting with other passionate players!