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Recruits for Killer Sharks alliance

Killer Sharks is a new alliance hoping to grow and expand

We give:
Coop with the surdac alliance we give lv 6-8 sanctuaries.
Rank 2 on the alliance missions( it a recently made alliance what did you expect)

We want:
500 trophies minimum
If you can do the tournaments at least get the initial 500-1000(depends what arena you’re in) alliance points

Minimum lv 10 creatures on the coop sanctuaries shared by me/LilIvanPro

Members who are not in the sanctuary team may only place a maximum of one creature in the coop sanctuaries because of the limited space we have because of the sanctuary lv the higher the sanctuary lv is the bigger the space is which may make some rules change in the near future.

If interested in joining my alliance dm me on discord my name is MegalodonPro10#6965 tell me your name in game and I will invite you in the alliance and discord server.

If you don’t have discord you could dm me in the forums if interested