Recycle the Armor Theme dinos Please

Since I’ve seen this weeks event like 3 times now, can u please Recycle the Dinos from Armor Theme. Ankylosaurus and Sinoceratops for sure!!


I think they need kentro in an event first.


They could add it in with that theme. They did have it in one of the events, I can’t remember what week though
Edit, I found it, they should add it with armor though


Which week was that?

Week 11, middle of August

Yes, definitely wouldn’t mind if they bring back the Armor dinos for event week. That was by far the best event week so far.


Where do you find that stuff?

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Meta hub Jurassic world alive or Twitter

Thank you much

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I’m all for an Armor week but Kentro doesn’t have any armor

True @bates5919, it looks like it should have some armor though🙃


Yes, unlike Stegosaurus, Kentro actually doesn’t got any armor.

But…here’s the trick
Ludia actually thought Kentro is a armored dino.
You can see they put Kentro In this “heavy armor” incubator.
(*BLUE got armor in this game, so is more appropriate than Kentro)

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I was using my level 15 Kentro for a long while in Sorna Marshes. She served me so well that it wasn’t after I replaced her with Tragodistis that I noticed she doesn’t have armor :joy:

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So do I…i also need Cinoceratops too

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I just want my tryko done…

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i’ll have trykosaurus next time they do a kentro event :pray:

101010101010(complete sentence)

Idk if someone on this post sent me a friend request, but I can see I have one, but my social tab is messed up and wont let me add u. Please post your screen name and num so I can add u. They said my social tab should be fixed next major update. :crossed_fingers:
Edit to say I can accept a battle request also, but can’t send them to anyone😔

I finished my Trykosaurus(finally).

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I agree! Kentro needs armor. Who else wants a buff? :grin: