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Red counter on PVP tab... what is it?

I know I saw someone ask this, but can’t find the thread now.

What is this red counter on the battle tab?

Mine is a green 2. Yesterday it went green 1 from nothing after 3 losses. Didnt pay attention after win but came back after next loss. Today it appeared after 1st battle which was a win. Stayed 1 for awhile but eventually went to a 2. Won 3 battles out of 4 but one was ai

Edit. Now its blank again after restarting. It doesn’t restart after every reset tho

Hey StoneCutter, our team is aware of this issue.

The number doesn’t have any significant meaning. :sweat_smile:

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Unless it displays 42…


Only after 7.5 million years


Cool, I was real confused by this. Good to know it’s just cosmetic.

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