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I’m guessing the Redditor either had a low level Testacornibus vs a maxed out Diloracheirus or doesn’t know how to use Testacornibus.


no the OP from the reddit post used someone’s testa vs dilo 1v1 arena on the forums,testa,turtle and mammolaina get beaten by it

Tbh I don’t think that dilo is a pure cunning with all the heals

Bruh, if they’re losing to a Dilo even with it’s buff with those, either they’re all low level vs a lvl 30 Dilo, or they have no idea how to use those creatures.

I’m pretty sure Dilo does beat Testa, Dilo heals way more than Testa can damage. It also kills or does heavy damage to several other tanks simply by heal stalling.

You’re forgetting that Diloracheirus doesn’t have Vulernability or Deceleration Resistance

The only way that Dilo wins here is if it gets a CRIT. Otherwise, it at best sets up Testa for the Swap-In kill, and even then it needs to have low enough health that Testa’s On-escape will not put it just out of range for Parasauthops’, Cera’s, or Monolorhino’s KO hit, but 9/10 still loses to it, even if it tries to stall.

what moves did u use for testa?I went for strike then impact and it lost

It’s probably mind games then. Dilorach can distract heal on Testa’s Devastation and cleanse vulner/decel with both heals, so it’s hard to get speed advantage against it. Testa can block rampages or try forcing Dilorach to use heals before using Devastation. It’s another one of those instances of stallers against stallers where the battle has a lot more turns meaning more options.


Testa users never go for Superiority Strike first, unless it’s against Spinocon :joy:

Dilo only beats it if it does not heal on the first turn, but that’s only if the Heal is available but wasn’t used or if it’s on a 1 turn cooldown.

I do concede that Mammolania loses to it (even though I was pretty certain at first that didn’t), at least for the time being.

it’s been a year since i have used testa,completely forgot it’s play style,I don’t think anyone will go shields on t1,but if they do they win