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Reddit2 is recruiting!11

Do you play for fun but find that sometimes you take the game a tad more…. Serious than the rest of your alliance? Are you consistently getting all the alliance achievements and wishing there was some sort of challenge to it? Do you ever find yourself wondering “Does our leader have some sort of plan or vision for us?” Or the dreaded “Why can’t everyone just use discord!?”

Maybe Reddit2 would be a better fit for you.

Not only do they have a discord, but it’s mandatory!

We’re phasing out the non-conformists and communication, updates, and cool power point flow charts will never be a problem for you again.

You like to trade DNA? So do we! We have a no rules trade channel for capitalism at its best!

We have been a 5/4 alliance since at least July 2019 and have been inching closer and closer to 5/5. Now with 10 ranks, we are looking for 5 to 10 players to help us achieve that.

Level? Doesn’t matter! Trophies? Don’t care! We want daily battlers that can follow a simple flow chart and start saving DBI’s on Thursday.

If you can follow a simple flow chart and can keep up with discord updates we would like to take that 10/10 journey with YOU! (Or however far we get)

How do you get in touch with us?

Well…. Reddit!

Contact our fearless leader u/ggouge to apply.

“I thought you guys used discord?”

Fine. ggouge/NewtonG #7111

“But I want to contact you!”

No! Don’t contact me!

Not my job. :slight_smile:


Can u give me epic trex dna

Yes about 114 EPIC TREX DNA per day. Check out Reddit2’s two level 20’s sanctuary selection via ARK. A few spots are open, please join Discord and message ggouge/NewtonG #7111.

Three spots to be exact.
Don’t even need to be hardcore, just need to get that daily battle incubator.

Check out Reddit2 latest dino selection. Don’t simply become part of an alliance, join a team of people just like you. Please message NewtonG on Discord: ggouge/NewtonG#7111.

It’s so much more than joining any alliance. I now proudly promote Jurassic Puffin as being an ARK alliance. If you join us, you have access to a bunch of amazing tools (no, that’s not aimed at you Phil)! :smiley:
We don’t compete against one another, we help one another. Want a recruiter who knows your alliance goals, and takes the time to match players with alliances? Want that delicious L10 on the regular? It’s not just a possibility anymore, it’s a reality for many of us.
I have always refused to destroy the personality of JP. We like to nurture new players, and I’m not willing to compromise on that. I have always historically lost my top 500 players, because we weren’t getting the missions completed. I had always accepted this as an unavoidable side effect of my preferred leadership style. Now it’s not necessary, and the newer players are smashing missions. They know that we can offer more than any competing alliance - so why leave?
Your alliance doesn’t need to be 10/10 to join an ARK collaboration. Our illustrious Nerd (aka DL) isn’t focussed on global domination, or undermining other alliances. The strategic elements are available to anyone who wants it.
You are welcome to join the ARK Discord, and see how to achieve this without losing the identity of your alliance, or your own goals.
Come visit, and see how it works. Don’t exhaust yourselves by going into missions alone. I have 4K darts a day, and I may be shooting them in your alliance soon! :blush:

Do not contact me.

reddit2 is looking for a member who is battle focused.

Endgame alliance with endgame stuff.

We swear a lot.

Do not contact me.

Exploring types need not apply.

If you don’t use discord, don’t start and don’t apply.

Contact u/ggouge or u/eazy_flow_elbow

If you contact me I will go through great lengths to ensure your application is denied.

Two more slots have opened up.