Redesign maxima

Since we all have to look at this one every single battle can it at least look cool?

It looks like jarjar binx now…

No? Maxima’s design is incredible. Who could have a redesign could be Aquila (having feathers on the whole body or whatever) or Entelolania.


Actually I think Entelolania’s design looks really good, it’s just very different from what I had in mind for an Entelomoth hybrid.

Aquilamimus I agree on, that is the only design in the game that I think looks borderline bad.

Dracoceratosaurus has a cool design too, but it looks like it got cobwebs stuck in its horns, when you compare it with Dracoceratops’ neat crown of horns. It just looks kind of messy.


Truth. I don’t like her face very much, I hope to get used to it someday.


The hybrid that really really really needs a redesign is brontolasmus.

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It would much better just to retcon the redundant wanderer.

As mediocre as Elasmocerops (that’s what I’m going to call Brontolasmus now) design is, it’s not as bad as many others such as Monolometrodon or even you Dimo.


I just want this awesome ID card back instead of this ugly one


It’s not just her face, but also her body type and name. They used the big Pachy instead of the small pachy or even the small theropod frame. And her name is just imaginative. “Dragon horned lizard” seems like a step backwards from “Dragon horned face”, why not call her “Stalking dragon”, since the description talks about how stealthy it is?

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I’m happy to be honest. Pachy has incredible animations and other creatures and hybrids need to have these animations. I hope something similar happens with Wolly Mammoth.


What? Why? It is just a rhino with many horns and hair. Its design never bothered me, on the contrary, I always liked it.

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The front horns could have been scaled up a bit. And maybe had their shape changed a bit too.
Although I suppose it’s not as bad as the nausto turtle hybrid.