Redistribute the green drops

We are in the middle of a World pandemic, where many countries have tough restrictions, such as being detained by the police, if you don’t follow the rules, but you Ludia don’t collaborate with the players less and less green drops, only 2 in my area but they are a couple of blocks away none in the game circle, since Tuesday I don’t get a green drop in my range, still today there is an event where there are 3 legendary and 2 unique creatures and there are 2 attempts for 5 creatures, You should review your events since as I said we are in the middle of a pandemic.


I completely agree

especially because 5/4 really good creatures

for 2 days straight i got no green drops and didnt get the chance of darting my dream dino, SONORASAURUS

i want to at least dart :deer:
and when i say :deer: i mean eremoceros
but testa works too, im not picky

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I strongly agree and it’s far from the first post regarding this issue. However nothing has been done by Ludia. For the past 2 weeks the events were great if you had a special event drop in reach. In my case I had at most 1 green drop in reach but none on epic, legendary and unique days. Missed out on so much but in the current situation with hospitals and emergency services being overrun, I am not willing to be one of those that will die because of a game.


None in my game circle either, very annoying indeed, especially with the variety of choices of dinos to dart

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At this point, having the same incubators within close range of each other or any blank, empty normal drop is a real drag. It’s even worse when they move drops around and ones that used to be in reach aren’t anymore.

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I think there’s something weird going on with distribution, too, especially with the rare event dino days. I’ve noticed this the past couple weeks, as have friends in other countries. Some areas of my city have basically zero green drops but a ton of the same couple strike towers:


Other parts of town (not hidden parks, either) have tons of green drops: