Reduce alliance defense missions requirements for incubators and battles

This was already discussed few times, but wasn’t big problem as rewards for defense missions were more or less useless.

Rewards finally changed and our alliance decided to try to finish rank 4 missions to achieve rank 5. We finished rank 3 three and a half days before deadline. As there is tournament this weekend we can probably finish that ridiculous requirement of 4000 battles, but we will have hard time to open 2000 incubators. Our alliance is active one, but will still have hard time to reach final rank.

Missions should be tough, but not almost impossible to finish even with playing 24/7. As was said many times it’s a game, not job. Many od us have life too and even if we dedicate lots of free time to this game, we can’t play 24/7.

So my suggestion is to cut requirement for battles and incubators in half for rank 3 and 4. Can just swap takedowns and battle reqiurements as you need to take down 3 creatures for win thats easier to achieve than number of battles.


Still not a big problem buds…we all have lives and other commitments. Try getting a little more active then you were. Now that better rewards have been put out players want it made easier to achieve them I guess right. Rather than put in some planning and working as a team.

Its actually kinda funny how a lot of 5 and 4 alliances said they wouldn’t try any harder until better defense rewards are here. Well they are here. Let’s see who gets the. With the same playing they have used all along. My bet is not many.

You want to trade that Connor dude?

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That be me…:slight_smile:

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You active and looking for a new alliance?

Blimey Dinocop!
There’s active and then there’s you!
Fair play that’s impressive and shows a level of commitment rarely seen :smile:

Yeah, organisation or should say military discipline. With that and speeding incubators with cash is possible of course. Few alliances can do it, but most full alliances with active members probably won’t be able to finish it in time.

They removed friendly battle daily quest, cause of many complaints, how it’s impossible to do one friendly battle. They also reduced sanctuary daily quests requirements that was hard to do it, but doable with good planning.

Only alliance defense missions remained unchanged and are way harder than mentioned daily quests.


Our alliance does 100s of friendlies and we dont have to pay to speed up incubators to finish it. Last 2 weeks there have been a 10 step tower. That is 500 easy battles and 200 easy incubators. Not to mention a tournament going on.

Just joined predators, they be awesome :slight_smile:

Good luck. We’re full right now. Just had 2 from the leaderboard join this week. Can never have enough active players though.