Reduce boost cost

Since we are clearly never getting a boost reset please reduce the price to boost and unboost. Instead of having us tediously grind to gather 100 boosts reduce ot to only 50 boosts. It would help us boost new dinos that you introduce to he game as the meta constantly changes. You could also make it so we only get 25 boosts back. Yes it would be a penalty yet it wouldn’t be so severe to those of us who are trying to keep up with the ever changing meta. Please reduce the cost to boost dinos


How about there is no more 50 penalty. How about instead we get the full 100 back. This would be better so plays can continue to unlock more meta dinos. I know some of the top people have boosted apex and unique creature that are fully boosted. Those boosts are practically wasted since it’s not worth unboosting. Some people spend real money on boosts to make a creature good, but then ludia nerfs it or introduces more meta dinos. Something needs to be done about boosts

But ludia only cares about money so not gonna happen :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: