Reduce damage over hit dino and switched


I hope Ludia make the game more challenging,
Dino that was hit with health reduced should also reduce the damage if player switched away.
Is no sense when a wounded dino can return with a 100% damage with a dying health.
This can add many uncertainties into the game and perhaps help players with common but high HP dino to compete?


Quite simply… no


Wounded move should block the enemy dino to swap until it ends simple as that.


Make the game more challenging by removing strategic options? No


Let’s remove shields and immunity while we’re at it. Why should anyone be able to block an attack?


Just suggesting the damage to be reduced, not anything else, is still a choice to switch, why a returning dino shd be having 100% damage? Velo with 5 HP left lvl 20 just return with a damage of what? 2000 HP?


Called strategy… learn it


Unless they are debuffed all dinos regardless of % of hp have their full attack stat. Why would lowering the power of a switched out dino make sense?


Thats makes no sense at all :grin: swap is a strategy we all do,but i think bleed moves should block the enemy on field until it ends bleeding that make sense for me


The loss of an attack while swapping the dino is the penalty. Bleed move’s are a gamble that forces the other player to either take the damage, use a lower power attack/no attack at all to cleanse themselves or switch out thus losing an attack altogether. Forcing a dino to stay on the field would make the move overpowered, especially with the next update raising the damage of DoT move’s.


All I’m reading is “I want easy kills.” How does it even make sense that a bleeding dino should stay in if they want to swap? If a player gets injured in sports, don’t they sub them out? THAT makes sense to me.


Do not think that i do not know how to do switching as a strategy, is just trying to suggest to make the game even more fun, learn how to appreciate suggestion and learn how to reply too…


like the damage you do is proportional to your HP? you want the battles to take even longer than they already do?

say what you want about the raptor meta. you were in and out in 2-3, not 4-6 minutes of stegodeuses… stegodei (?) hammering away at each other