Reduce Evolve Costs


From level 1 - 10 its easy to think coins are useless, but when it jumps to 10k + getting enough to level 1 dino is an epic grind and people will lose interest sooner or later.

It shouldnt take 1 week to farm coins for 1 dino level.


I won’t say reduce evolve cost; i’d rather say increase gold / spin you gain and increase both level and arena rewards when opening incubators. Additionally im sure they will add more features in order to increase income eventually.

Spinning for max. Gold can be a busy occupiance. Level 10 gets a daily 10K max(VIP) which can take up to 4h a day spinning and catching everything. 3h incubators level 10 and arena 6 give 330 while 8h give almost 1000. Imo this is just too low for the time spend on it and could use an overall increase; one VIP spin already earns up to 150 if you spin 3x gold. 12 & 24h give 5.000-10.000 but since those are so rare im not going to calculate those in.

Im in favor for an update since you will have to evolve multiple dionsaurs in order to level up yourself; so not only your own dinosaur team. Late-game should take quite some time to evolve but especially late-game it will take significantly longer to save up gold.
Don’t forget you can also earn 50 cash / day which allows you to buy additional gold (especially if it offers a deal - VIP) over time.

On the otherhand i wouldnt want it to increase substabtially. The game needs a certain grind in order to differentiate the ‘hardcore’ players from more casual players. Going out on a regular basis is required… but a level 19 does take up to 40k already - and as far as i know max level is at least 25-30. It should take quite some time to level them up; but level 19 might earn 5-10K XP… and you need 150k XP for level 11 (your personal level); which translates into at least 15 evolutions; thats 600K. 10k/day = 60 days of grinding if you dont buy gold with cash; if you use cash you get about 1500 cash a month; which translates into 75k gold. So 2 evolves less; 525K; 52 days. Max level is 20 so im sure you can imagine how long it would take to get levels afterwards - even with VIP enabled.

It NEEDS to take quite some time but i think buffing income wouldn’t hurt either, not substantially. After level 20 dinosaurs it should get harder to level up but having to catch X DNA also is a barrier; with huge upgrade costs included you’re highly likely going to see 10k of DNA heap up while not having enough gold to level up (already happening to me) which convinces me the gold being earned is not enough vs catching dinosaurs on a regular basis.


I face the same issue. also losing interest at this stage.


This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. There is no point to reduce costs, the level up is hard and it’s the point in this game. You go fast until level 10-15 and after the grind starts.

That doesn’t mean nothing can be done to up the quantity of coins earned. It’s a shame to win a tough battle against a +6 level bot to earn a pity 30 coins.
You could earn some by other ways like mission or whatever. I don’t want them to reduce costs, I want them to provide more gold to player who are willing to play more in creative ways.


I agree. I think the evolve cost is way to high. All this does is limit me to focus only on the 8 dinos in my battle group. It would be way more fun to have 10-15 to play with so I can swap my battle group around a bit and try different strategies. Right now the evolve cost is my limiting factor. DNA is hard to get, but I cannot afford the evolves.


I think if we could sell DNA for coins it could help with leveling up the Dino’s we are trying to level up.