Reduce special events duration and increase numbers


I feel Ludia should consider reducing special events duration and introduce more events often. I have completed the max limit for ongoing event yesterday and waiting for next event. Everywhere I go I can only see event dinos from which I’m not able collect DNA.
What do you say?


Multiple dinos have been now combined and the park event for a specific group spanning multiple days assuming people might not get chance/time to go out and hunt everyday. There are many people who do not have a park event nearby. For them going everyday/multiple times a day might not be feasible (also considering time zone difference around the world).

Also initially, the park event used to only occur once in a while, but currently they have become standard and occurring every week. Also, the number of dinos appearing have been increased. e.g.: 5 common dinos (total 60 attempts) in 2 days compared to 2 common dinos one each day.

I agree to the point where they make park event dinos disappear once you reach the max limit similar to the treasure chest events. Also, increase the number of spawns when there are multiple dinos in single day so they are evenly distributed.


Please, I’m having trouble keeping up as is :confused:


I’m only at 10/18 because I can’t find irritator :frowning:

So … no thank you


I agree with you, they should increase number spawns


Theres a ton of Gorgs and TRex gen 2, but hardly any Irritator :pensive:


I appreciate the time length they give me as I live rural, so I don’t have very many opportunities to snag all the dino’s during the time they have. I’ll hit the 18 from the parks this time, but only about 5 of them were irritators.

They should re-spawn within a few minutes of capture in Parks… they are events anyway. I don’t understand why a green event node should be blank for longer than 5 minutes.

I still haven’t had the opportunity to sit at a Strike Event to do 7 battles in a row since they mostly appear in the middle of country roads in my area. When they show up in my neighborhood, I can walk down there with my daughter and sit at the side of the road no problem… but not in the middle of a country road with a 55 mph speed limit that is just a suggestion (or more like a minimum rather than a limit).


I also maxed out my Event dinos on the first day because Google maps show the area between a county road and the beach as green space/park area. Even though I maxed out on just Irritators in just two quick trips to the closest beach area I wouldn’t request Ludia to change the event simply because I live in a dinosaur rich area. There are usually 5 or 6 strike events within the VIP drone area around my home too.


I’m facing the same issue. I have to walk to middle of the road when the light is red to start the battle and come back to road side and complete that battle. Some dinos are inside military zones, Ludia should work more on location


I have tried to flag some because of the same issue but always get a message saying I can’t report it lol