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Reduce the amount of tens while fusing if you lvl up

Are you sick of getting tens while fusing??? Well I am I hat seeing all my hardwork going into something and then I get a ten. That us why I think whenever you lvl up you get a reduced chance of getting tens while fusing. Please state your comments below.


I tend to get atleast 4 10s when fusing uniques…its so frustrating


It would be nice of course, but I think it might increase the gap between lower and higher players quite a bit.
For me Magna is almost always 10. It’s cursed!


But it makes those big DNA fuses so much more satisfying when you get them! :sweat_smile:

I understand, however. My heart sinks when I get 10s on my Diloracheirus. :frowning:


Hold your phone above your head, and when the creature taps their toe the second time after he moves back and forth from foot to foot, then tap the button.

You’ll average 20 every time over the course of 200.

confirmation bias at it’s best


I make sure to turn the creature around so that it’s facing the other way, like how it is during battle.

Only THEN will I still get a 10 when fusing. :sob:


I just tried this and it WORKED EVERY TIME!
Confirmation Bias works! THANKS!


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I like it.
That way you don’t see your dino crying at the low fuse values.


Must be a curse or something. I’m 10 DNA away from it. The past 5 fuses have been tens😫.


Took me forever to get Tenontosaurus to level 20. Now I struggle to get 500 Tenontosaurus DNA and every time I fuse towards the Tentorex I get 10. I’ve pretty much accepted I need 7000 more Tenontosaurus DNA. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Last Monday I couldn’t fuse a 10 if I tried! The game was all like here’s a 70 + 30 + 40 + 80 + 30 + 20 + 50

I haven’t seen numbers like that since, but I have a suspicion that they up to the fuse rate or something starting and ending that day.

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This would be a good incentive for VIP.

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It’s too late in the game but I wish they would have just stuck to a set amount of DNA per fuse so you know what you exactly need.

They still could I guess.

20 per unique
30 per legendary
40 per epic
50 per rare

Not sure it would work now but I wish they would have just done that to begin with. And those numbers are just wishful thinking. We know if they did it would be more like 10, 20, 25, 30 lol.


I heard that is the one you are going for

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well… after touching a hundred times fusing suchotator, i divided dna i got per fuse times, and this showed me a 22 dna average.
later i did the same next suchotator level.

then i no understand fuse has an average of about 20 at the end. so i calculate dna needed to unlock/level, considering 20 dna per fuse.

of course this can change, specially depending on dna ammount (suchotator at lvl 23 really have a good number to get an average result).

but hard to get super hybrids like erlikospyx, magnapyritor or trykosaurus, that we have to get many epics or deal with 2 fuse randoms (unique itself and its hybrid element), it’s really disappointing not know if you need 20 fuses or 5.

a fixed number would be even better, but it’s not for psychological element ludia loves to place in this game… a hope to get 100 dna in a fuse (i got one this year) is better than a sure to 20, even if at the end the fuse times is about the same.


5x fused so far.

If this keeps up i will never get my own Titan …
Please fuse gods give me a random 80 here and there :crossed_fingers:


You’ll get an 80, when it’s at 240 :wink:


Had great “luck” fusing Gemini with all 10s and 20s until 180, then I got 30 and 50. Hope you’ll have better luck.

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