Reduce the Raid's Round

We have alot of Raid Bosses everyday and all over the week. Well, that’s great!! But the time consuming too much especially when raiding the Apex boss. Ludia should reduce it to 2 Rounds only just like Mortem Rex.

press G to agree

Too short can’t respond. :joy:

At least put:

you could just do fast strats to speedrun

Yeah but some o’ those strats need a ton o’ boosts

if you have friends that has high level creatures and could carry you. I have a lot

oh, ok

try my strat called the blue pyro. it works well. two blues and two pyros

In an apex raid?

i agree say max 3 round apex no more 4 round 3 or 2 round unique and so on 2 round epic and rares are fine :stuck_out_tongue: