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Reduced damage

Since 2.6, the ability “distraction” was renamed to reduced damage.
It looks really weird when you see poukandactylus’ moveset and see a move called “reduced damage”. Y’all said you would fix it, but apparently you forgot.
Get it together, ludia. Seriously.


If a tree falls in the woods, and Ludia doesn’t nerf it, were there ever any bugs that they would acknowledge? :thinking:


Especially since the change didn’t really do much to fix the confusion.

“Distraction” doesn’t imply the damage component but since the already had a “distracting strike” they should have just come up with something else. Maybe “long distracting strike” and “short distracting strike” (or just leave off the “short”) much in the same way Nasuto has “long decelerating strike”.

Changing it to “reduced damage” has the same problem as “distraction” did, it sounds like all the move does is distract (ala Instant Distraction)

I’ve wanted to write the same. :slightly_smiling_face: This name is very confusing, it looks like it was just worse version of strike. It should be renamed for for example damage reducing strike.

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