Reduced drone battery with flying pterosaurs

This might be a bug, or maybe I’m doing something wrong. Whenever I find a flying pterosaur (and by flying I mean those who fly in circles: Pteranodon, Tupandactylus and Dsungaripterus), the drone battery is never 100% even if I’m right under the pterosaur. I can’t share a pic right now, but the battery icon before launching the drone is never filled, but around 80-90% capacity, hence the reduced time to gather DNA.

I tried walking to the exact midpoint of the circle they draw when flying. Also I tried to stay in the circumference trajectory and touch it when he flies right over me. Always 80-90% battery, never 100%

Does this ever happen to you?

Hey Quebrant, this is intended since your drone would have to fly above the flying creatures and shoot the darts downwards at them, resulting in extra battery usage.


I figured the same would be the explanation. For example if you get directly under where they fly you can position yourself to where they pass directly over your head and the distance doesn’t get any closer than about 56 meters as they are flying above you. The larger flyers on the other hand will sit on the ground making where you can get closer to them. If that helps you any.

I think Ludia is counting the distance to the birds WITH the height. Even when I am directly under the anchor or under the birds as they fly above, I can’t get less than 40m from them.

Am I doing something wrong?

Why do you need to be closer than 40m? When you are within 50m, you have maximum battery.

But isn’t that counter intuitive if both the pterasaur and drone are flying then distance shouldn’t matter in an ariel dog-fight, in fact the drone should be even closer as they are both together in the air. Maintaining a greater altitude would actually make it less accurate to hit another flying target, so would be more efficient to be closer in terms of fuel and ammo.

I would like to see this minimum distance removed and have as much chance catching a pterasaur in the air as a dinosaur on the ground.