Reduced Mission Requirements = Less Rewards

Am I understanding this right? People complained about the work required for missions, so without word or warning, Ludia went and reduced the requirements AND the rewards? So by appeasing this small sample of the entire player base, we all lose out on 20 EVENT EXCLUSIVE DNA each day? Surely there is a better solution like varying the level of the DNA reward based on how many missions a player completes. Most players won’t find the missions unachievable (except those which literally can’t be done), so I really would like some explanation as to why those who do get their way here…

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Hi @KelKelAZ, The team did not modify the Mission rewards or Daily Bonus Rewards. The only reason the maximum amount of bonus DNA would not be given is by not maintaining a level 45 streak.

I just realized I think I misread something, and I apologize for my misunderstanding. Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile: I will remove this post shortly


Yeah, most players can use primal cleansing strike.
Also let’s not forget the moves that are only on one dino. Like of course players have every creature in the game :roll_eyes:

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