Reduction for coin chase Sunday?

Did you (Ludia) really reduce the average gain for coin chase by 4? That’s so low of them. How does it different now than just getting supply drop if it only gives us 125 coin? So much nonsense. Do you think we have time to go around and find 200 coin drop in 1 day? Horrible decision. I hate it so much how greedy they are to reduce coin income just to push people to buy. Why do you always try to attack the community?


Is this a change? Is it a glitch like the daily rewards resetting?? Seriously hard to get any meaningful level of coins

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On these specific coin boxes, if you want the full amount, you have to get it in the little circle. They are more spread out and it took longer riding around to get the 25,000 coins. I was out hunting Archaeopteryx in the next zone so it didn’t take super long to max coins.

I usually get 500 at minimum now it’s 125!!! What happened


Probably they did it unintentionally by recycling old code, but they will say it’s on purpose when they get back from the weekend.

Anyways, like others have said, if you are inside the small circle you will get the full amount and if not you get 1/4, just like it is for supply drops and how it was for treasure chases before covid.

Yes, it takes longer to max, but it’s not entirely unreasonable, especially since we got the treasures for both days this weekend.