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Ref animation glitch

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Bug Description: ref raid 3rd round animation glitch with alert counter distraction

Area is was found in: ref raid, 3rd round only

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- start ref raid
Step 2 - get to round 3, and atk to trigger alert counter distraction
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: always

What type of device are you using: iPhone 11

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here) I can’t exactly screenshot this glitch, due to the animation error‘s janky nature, but this has been going on for a while and I’ve been meaning to report it, but had forgotten until this point. The animation is fine in r1 and r2, but in r3 it almost skips the middle part of the animation and goes straight to the near end of it; it’s very difficult to describe

Hello Freezehydra! Would you mind contacting our team at They’ll be happy to investigate.

Thank you!